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He's Back!!! Stampolis Wants to Be City Clerk

Chris Stampolis has filed his candidacy for election to the position of City Clerk in November 2018 election. 

But do you really want to elect this man? Here are a few highlights of Chris Stampolis’ time in Santa Clara where he seems to have created chaos wherever he goes. 

Chaos as Santa Clara School Trustee

Stampolis was elected to the Santa Clara Unified School District Board, and served as trustee from 2012-2016. 

But his tenure was filled with strife. There was a public outcry over his poor and self-serving behavior. Parents and students accused him of fraud and intimidation. The public signed a petition asking him to resign. 

The Board itself censured him, and Stampolis was forbidden to represent the Board in any official capacity. The public cheered when he left the Board.

School Violence

Protective orders were taken out against Stampolis by the Principal of his son’s school. The Superintendent also tried to get a protective order against him after Stampolis made him feel threatened. A press articles says about his violence “parents, teachers and administrators and at least one student said they’ve been harassed by Stampolis. The residual fear has them so reluctant to even mention his name that they refer to [him] with initials or pronouns”. The police were called on more than one occasion when parents thought they saw him stalking them, and walking on their property uninvited.  

... And More Violence

Stampolis was caught on tape badgering a Los Angeles storage clerk. 

“After a clerk refused him access, he got into a verbal confrontation with Robinson, the manager, then reached across the counter.
“He socked me in the chin, and grabbed me by the neck and was choking me,” Robinson told IA. Police were summoned, but no charges were filed against Stampolis. However, an arbitrator later awarded Robinson $35,000 to settle her civil suit against Stampolis over the incident.
However, “he hasn’t paid me a dime,” Robinson said.” 

.. And Consequences of Violence

Stampolis may have lost his bird for a term on the Democratic National Committee because of his reputation of being aggressive. 

Stampolis Burns Taxpayer Money

Stampolis’ time on the School Board cost the District uncounted amount of taxpayer money. For starters, the Board hired two Santa Clara police officers at the meeting because the trustees feared him so much. For part of 2014, the bill was at $40,800.

The cost of legal advice just in 2015 amounted to $144,500. By March 2016, he cost the District $396,884 in legal bills alone. 

Stampolis Fined for Election Mishandling

Stampolis has been fined $22,000 in violation of government code on election reporting. He said he was exempt from filing, and that he was never notified of his lack of reporting, but the Fair Political Practices Commission process server says that he was. 

Stampolis Previously Sued for Ignoring Election Laws

Stampolis was sued for $10,000 is 2002 by the Santa Clara District Attorney for failing to obey election laws, by distributing election materials disguised as a newspaper. 

West Valley-Mission Community College District Board

Christopher Stampolis was once elected to the Board of the West Valley -Mission Community College District Board. It didn’t end well. Fellow trustee, the respectable Bob Owens, is quoted as saying about Stampolis “he appears to represent only himself in a manner which many characterize to be abusive and disrespectful”. 


Appearances in Court

Although Stampolis reportedly is a law school graduate he is not a member of the California bar. But that doesn’t stop him from appearing in court. 2016 was the year of the big court dates for Stampolis:

  • He was ordered to appear in court after police caught him speeding on Kiely. He was driving with a suspended license
  • The School Board sued him on the basis that he violated laws and policies by discussing an agreement about union contracts while he was a laborer’s union consultant.
  • He lost his protective order appeal, with the judge finding he “posed a credible threat of violence” against school principal Sue Harris
  • Tidewater Finance Company was suing Stampolis in a collections case

Stampolis is Prone to Suing

Stampolis sued the Santa Clara School District twice that we know.

And he brought suit against the District by getting his then 12-year old son to sue the School District. So, as Trustee  he appeared as his son’s representative in court. Yes, it went to court, and was thrown out because Stampolis did not meet legal requirements. The Superior Court commissioner asked him “Why don’t you talk to a lawyer” after Stampolis asked about legal requirements. 

What Office Does Stampolis Really Want?

Stampolis for Mayor

Stampolis doesn’t seem to care which elected office he runs for, it seems so long as he can get elected.

  • In 2000 he unsuccessfully ran for Council member
  • He ran again unsuccessfully for elected office in 2002
  • In 2010 he unsuccessfully ran for City Mayor. 
  • Then he was elected to the West Valley-Mission Community College
  • Then he was elected to the Santa Clara Unified School District 
  • He failed to be re-elected again for the West Valley-Mission Community College
  • He applied to be appointed for a vacant seat to Council in 2016
  • Then he applied again to be appointed to vacant seat on City Council in 2018. The last time he was in the Council Chambers vying for a seat, he threatened to sue the City. Yes, you can’t make this stuff up! He wanted the seat vacated by Dominic Caserta, but the Council rejected him because they couldn’t qualify him as a city resident. He threatened to sue them. Notwithstanding, he tried anyway. Patricia Mahan voted for him. 
  • Now he wants to be elected City Clerk.

What Do We Know About Chris Stampolis?

Stampolis says he is originally from Los Angeles. 

He also says he is graduate of Santa Clara University, from 1987 and of class of 1998, studying catechetics, french and political science. And studied law at Concord Law School. 

He married Anna Song and has two kids. His divorce got ugly, with him accusing his 5′ 130lb wife of assaulting him (no charges were filed).  

His claim to fame seems to be that he spoke to John Kerry, met Bill and Hilary Clinton, and spoke with former Secretary of State Madeline Albright.

Toxic Sums It Up

As for his job, it appears he used to work for Romic Environmental Technologies which has a hazardous waste recycling facility in East Palo Alto.  For years, Romic was involved in fights with local residents who “claim the company has been polluting their community with toxic waste and avoiding closure of its plant by holding regulators at bay”. 

Whilst Stampolis was Director of Community Education and Government Relations, the company was fined over $1,000,000 for multiple violations of toxic substances rules, and OSHA rules.

He was said to have worked as a consultant to union groups. 

And that’s about all we know about his career.

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